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Cattery In Port Talbot

Our small, indoor cattery consists of 10 individual pens. Each pen contains a comfortable bedroom complete with shelves, bedding and litter tray, however, we welcome you to bring some home comforts. The radio is tuned to Classic FM to aid relaxation. The pens are cleaned thoroughly each day to ensure a hygienic and safe place to eat, sleep and play. Hideaway Boarding Kennels & Cattery welcome inspections and will proudly show you how clean and secure their facilities are.


At Hideaway Boarding Kennels & Cattery, we endeavour to feed your cat to your exact requirements, maintaining routine at all times. We offer dried food alongside a supply of tinned products. Alternatively, you are welcome to provide your own food. Our staff will ensure that your cat has a constant supply of fresh water.

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Please book early to avoid disappointment. Contact Hideaway Boarding Kennels & Cattery in Port Talbot for further information.

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All cats must be vaccinated. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Hideaway Boarding Kennels & Cattery.